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Songwriting in music therapy

In this post I share an example of using songwriting to support anxiety. This example is from my personal life, but around a topic I’m sure many can relate to: Covid anxiety.

In the deepest part of our first lockdown here in Melbourne, I found myself needing comfort. The news was relentless, and I found myself worrying a lot, and having trouble sleeping. In difficult times, I always turn to music. Music gets stuck in my head very easily, so I decided to write myself a song with a better message to replace some of this worry. And for me, this worked! I found myself walking around humming and singing this song to myself, and I could even turn to it consciously if I noticed myself worrying a bit too much.

As lockdown continued, I chose to share this song on YouTube. You can listen and watch below, and I’ve shared the lyrics at the bottom of the post. (Please excuse my tempo increase at the end!)

I don’t expect this song to hit the mark for everyone, as I wrote it specifically for me and my needs. Music is personal, and so are your needs!

And this is where music therapy can be so helpful. In music therapy, you take the time to work with a professional therapist to explore your needs, and how music might be helpful to support these. With songwriting in music therapy, it’s not just about the result. The process of sharing, expressing and being heard is just as important. Through creative brainstorming and choice-making, you get to learn more about yourself in a different way to talk therapies. When we do this as couples or groups, we can also learn more about each other.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, or get something of out this song and a little insight into how songwriting might look in music therapy!

A message you need to hear

Catch a glimpse of the morning light
A siren to catch your eyes
Take a deep breath if it’s too bright
Cos everything’s gonna be alright

Even if you don’t know how
You exist in the here and now
Take a second to notice where
Your good fortune has got you there

It’s a message you need to hear
Your best is enough for me
For all that you know, you’ll get better as you go
For all that you know…

Think about all the ones you love
Feel the warmth of a lover’s hug
You deserve it, this love is real
You created it with what you feel

Never now what tomorrow brings
Yesterday was a thousand things
Oh but you can handle ‘most any fight
Cos everything’s gonna be alright

It’s a message you need to hear
No pathway is ever clear
For all that you know, it gets better as you go
For all that you know, it gets better as you go
For all that we know…