Group music therapy

Group music therapy

Music Therapy Groups

Music therapy groups are a supportive and cost-effective way to connect with supportive peers and work towards shared goals. Group music therapy incorporates music, art and movement to provide a supportive space for connection and exploration

Costs: this depends on the type of group (high or low support). NDIS funding may be available depending on your plan.

Music Therapy Groups at Melbourne Integrated Therapies

Are you keen to join a music therapy group? The following groups are in planning at Melbourne Integrated Therapies. If you’re interested in joining a group, please complete the form below and share your preferences for dates and times:

Music for Social Connection (an inclusive group for all abilities and identities)
Music for Mental Health support
Music for Teens/Young Adults
Music for Relaxation/Stress Reduction
Tune In: Music & Emotions (workshops for adults, workshops for teens)
To express your interest in one or more of these groups, please complete the form below or get in touch.

Music therapy workshops

I also provide semi-regular group workshops. Find current events in my blog and get updates on new groups by signing up to my email newsletter below. I promise not to spam you.

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Group music therapy: evidence-based support

Music therapy in group settings is a supportive and effective way to connect with and learn from peers.

Music therapy has been shown to support emotional, psychological and social wellbeing for neurodivergent folks (including autistic people and those with ADHD), and people living with cancer, dementia, chronic health conditions and mental health challenges (including depression, anxiety and complex mental health). I've provided links to a small sample of research evidence below.