Music Therapy for Autism

Music Therapy for Autism

Personalised music therapy for autism

Get personalised support to work on your goals with individual sessions.
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Music therapy groups for social connection

Connect with like-minded peers to share your favourite music through supportive activites.
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Music Therapy is an accessible and enjoyable therapy for autistic people of all ages. Music Therapy is recognised by the NDIS as an effective approach to support developmental, emotional, sensory and social needs.

We approach music therapy through a neuro-affirming lense, providing a safe and accepting place for autistic young people and adults to explore self-expression, identity, communication, sensory integration and social interaction.

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Different support for different needs

Autism is a spectrum, and we cater to a variety of needs, ensuring you’re working towards living your best life, using music as a resource and access point.

I have a special interest in working with autistic women and girls, and bring a trauma-informed and neuro-affirming approach to our collaborative work.

Depending on your needs and interests, we might explore some or all of these musical activities:

Sharing music for social connection (includes singing, playing, dancing and listening and more in individual and group settings)

Learning to use music for self-regulation (this includes making playlists, singing, listening, movement, relaxation and more)

Connecting with identity through music (this includes songwriting, making playlists, singing and more)

Building confidence through learning to sing or play an instrument

Emotional support through listening, talking about important songs and creating supportive playlists

And much more!

A woman with red hair plays guitar as part of a music therapy group.

Research and reading about music therapy for autism