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My PhD research in dementia care

I’m excited to share the findings from my PhD research exploring home-based music interventions for people living with dementia and their family care partners. My research found some important insights about how people experienced using music at home, including

  • Sharing music was helpful and enjoyable
  • They benefited from collaborative, personalised and structured facilitation by a music therapist
  • Sharing music supported connection to self, music and others
  • People learned how to use music intentionally as a resource for wellbeing
  • Sharing music supported self-confidence for people living with dementia, and boosted family care partners’ confidence to provide care
  • Sharing music didn’t always ‘work’, and it sometimes took time to find what did ‘work
  • For some people, when music did ‘work’, it was “instant”, “amazing”, “‘fantastic” and “incredible”.

You can read the full research paper for my main study here.