Music Therapy for Mental Health

Music Therapy for Mental Health

Music therapy for mental health

If you're struggling with your mental health, music therapy can be a creative way to express, explore and find ways to cope. I bring a strength-based and trauma-sensitive approach to helping you connect with your inner resources and explore your needs in a contained musical space.

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Evidence-based support: music therapy for mental health

Research supports the use of music therapy for mental health conditions including:



Trauma and PTSD


Eating disorders

Music therapy can help to:

Reduce anxiety

Build confidence

Explore and express emotions and thoughts

Improve quality of life

Improve mood

A man using music therapy for mental health support

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Strengths-based, trauma-informed and respectful music therapy for mental health support

As a therapist, human and researcher, I believe that all people have the right to be heard and understood in their contexts. Mental health, trauma, addiction and illness are influenced by the people and things around us, and I take a holistic view to understanding how you have coped with life’s challenges, and the skills and strengths you bring towards better mental health. Music therapy for mental health incorporates these strengths, and helps you build your resources for better coping, emotional regulation, and insight into your ways of coping thus far. I offer a supportive and non-judgemental space that validates your efforts and supports you to grow.

Aligning with a strengths-based perspective, music therapy offers opportunities for hope. I also incorporate somatic approaches to help you understand and tolerate your emotions better, helping you to develop confidence to cope with life’s ups and downs.