Online Music Therapy & Counselling

Online Music Therapy & Counselling

What is Online Music Therapy and Counselling?

Online music therapy and counselling is a way of delivering health services using online video conferencing technology (like Zoom). This technology has boomed due to COVID-19, but we now recognise its ongoing benefits for connecting people with services.

Online therapy is accessible for people in urban, regional and remote areas. It’s also a great alternative for connecting with your therapist if you’re unwell or unable to leave home for appointments. Online therapy helps you access support from the safety and convenience of your own home.

Using Zoom for Online Music Therapy

We use Zoom for all online music therapy and counselling sessions. Zoom provides the best quality audio-visual experience for music therapy sessions.

If you’re new or nervous about using online technology, we’re happy to speak to you on the phone to help you get set up. Family members can also be a great help for this.

Does online therapy work?

While online therapy is a bit different to face-to-face therapy, there is a growing amount of research showing it is just as effective.

My own experiences of conducting music therapy and counselling online (with groups and individuals) have convinced me that we are still able to conduct the most important parts of therapy including:

– Relating to and engaging with each other

– Making music together (where relevant)

– Exploring important issues

– Feeling connected in the moment.

Online music therapy session with ukulele

Optimising your online therapy experience

To get the most out of your telehealth session, follow these tips:

Use a computer or laptop when possible

Download and get to know Zoom before the session

Join the meeting a few minutes earlier and take a moment for yourself in the virtual 'waiting room'

Wear headphones for best quality audio

Ready to try telehealth?